Book of not giving a fuck

Hello friends…How are you all?

Today I am here to write about a book ” The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck” by “Mark Manson”.

First let me tell you “Mark Manson” is a star blogger with more than two million readers…so you can easily understand he is famous..

Now let’s get to the main topic, which is sharing my experience reading this book with you all…

There is a reason this book became a No.1 international best seller ….This book is about a counterintuitive approach about living a Good life…let me tell you guys this book is a out of the box thinking book…

In this book writer shared his different opinion and different way to look at life and it’s problems…He shared some ways to cope with them and he shared is view on taking the responsibilities of our problems in life…he also talked about healthy relationship and bad relationship and their characteristics..

He also shed light on personal boundaries people should maintain to sustain a healthy relationship…Reading this book I felt that the writer also blended philosophy and spirituality(not much) in it…

So I would say this is really a good book to read…and I am already using some methods( like doing something) the writer discussed in this book to improve my life style…

I hope you guys will like this book and let me assure you this book will help you to look at life differently 🙂..

8 thoughts on “Book of not giving a fuck

  1. Yes, it’s a good read and a powerful testament to finding your way in life! I’m sure Mark would be pleased to read you’ve found benefit in his words of wisdom! Best wishes to you as you begin your blogging journey!

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      1. hahaha….Then we will learn together how to be a good blogger..just kidding…lol..You are aready doing great with your blog….I am looking forward to learn from you…& thanks for the help…Happy Day to you…


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