The Snow Leopard….


Hello everyone…I am back with another book I have recently finished reading…As you know from the title the name of the book is “The Snow Leopard” by “Peter Matthiessen”…

First of all let me tell you guys that this book is a classic and I want to assure you guys that this book will make a deep impression on you guys…And you need to have some patience to understand and realize this beautiful book….

Let’s talk about the author first… Writer Peter Matthiessen was born in New York city in 1927 and graduated from Yale in 1950. He is a naturalist, explorer and writer.

Now comes the main topic …The book is about the journey the writer made with his friend George Schaller in 1972 in the remote Himalayan region , north- east of Nepal known as the “Crystal Mountain”……


One September after his wife’s death writer Peter Matthiessen set out with his friend George Schaller to journey 250 miles through the Himalayas to the Crystal Mountain on the Tibetan Plateau… They wanted to study various magnificent creatures of the Himalayan region and also the magnificent Snow Leopard…

Friends this book is not only about exploring but also about a journey to inner self…to recognise oneself, a true pilgrimage, a journey of the heart…

You will get to know a lot of things about Buddhism, the mesmerising temples, places of this beautiful place…And you will feel writers heart through his words, how he learnt so many things about life, happiness, sorrows on his journey to the Crystal Mountain thay will change him for forever….This book is a masterpiece…



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