Journey to Fitness….

As an Engineering student I have to study and do research everyday and I do these work mostly sitting in my research lab…Lately I noticed something…I am getting fat and gaining weight ..It is due to my idleness towards exercise ..currently my weight is 86 kg and my height is 5 feet 8 inches …so I am currently in obese 1 stage…So from today taking the name of God I started doing exercises….Hope that I will become fit…


10 thoughts on “Journey to Fitness….

    1. For joshada Nondan and TheMysteriousBlogger,

      Here are my suggestions of how to have better health for you (and your family). Consult your doctor(s) first if you have pre-existing health issues.

      (A) Diet:

      1. 20 minutes before every meal, either drink a glass of water or eat an apple.
      2. Use smaller plates to hold meals.
      3. Cut out all soft drinks, sugary drinks and fruit juices.
      4. Cut out junk food.
      5. Check food label to ensure that the sugar content is below 20%.
      6. Do not add too much sugar to home-cooked food.
      7. Reduce salt intake.
      8. Fast for two days per week. On the fasting day, either eat only one third at every meal, or eat only one meal.

      (B) Exercise:

      1. Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) once or twice a day, or at least once every second day. Each session needs to be as intense as possible and lasting no more than one minute or two, followed by one to a few minutes of rests. Repeat twice. This can be running, skipping or cycling on the spot. Running upstairs and downstairs can also help.
      2. Reduce sitting time by standing to work or study. Buy something like Veridesk or make your own by improvising or using existing materials.
      3. Do some skipping or jumping.
      4. Whatever exercises you do, vary the intensity.
      5. Doing some physically taxing house chores can be helpful too.

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      1. You are very welcome, joshada. 🙂

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