The Pilgrimage….

Hello friends..I am back after a long time….I was very busy with my Exam,so I had to concentrate a lot on my academic a result I wasn’t able to read books outside my studies….

my exam finished on 5th january this finally I got a chance to read books again…

The book I finished reading today is ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Pulo Coelho..He is one of my favourite writer…..and I have to say he is an incredible writer…..

The book is about writers spiritual journey or I should say a pilgrimage to an ancient and nearly forgotton road by modern people,the route of pilgrimage to “Santiago de Compostela” on foot….The book contains writers own experience on the strange road to santiago…

Map of the road to Santiago…

The writer and his guide Petrus makes this pilgrimage on the ancient road to Santiago in hope to find his sword … is the road on which for centuries pilgrims all over the world made the sacred journey to pay homage to the Saints and Virgin Mary…..

This book tells us the story of the spiritual experience which the writer experiences throughout this he faces challenges ,defeats devils ,Universal love ,his triumph over his fear and how he faced his fears….

In this book reader will get to know about spiritual RAM practices..which is taught by writers guide Petrus…The writer learns those practices from his guide and practices these on his way to Santiago de Copostela and how he used those technics on various occasion….

I loved and enjoyed this book sooooo much…this book made me think of my inner soul , the sleeping goodness that is hidden in every human beings….The beauty of God and his entire creation…

And last but no means at least, I will encourage everyone to read this wonderful book……


2 thoughts on “The Pilgrimage….

  1. This is one of my favorite books, read at the beginning of my spiritual quest many, many years ago. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of my own progress since then… I feel my awareness expanded from my own desert into the cosmos. Blessings, S*

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