Vagabonding (book review)

Today I finished reading the book ‘Vagabonding’ by ‘Rolf Potts.’ This book is one of the best book I have read so far….

This is one of those book which will ignite your dream of traveling….This book is a must read for the people who have a dream of traveling and love traveling….

This book will give you clear view on how to live your long sleeping dream of traveling…This book will help you to realize the joy of hitting the road, encourage you to think about your life….

This book will give a clear idea and tips on traveling…The writer of this book wants us to wander, to explore, to embrace the unknown….this will give you a insight of solo traveling and how to manage your costs, safety, how to develop the mindset and above all this book will tell you how to conquer your fear and how to live your travel …

This book will help you to realize that money isn’t everything for travel but your courage is…writer of this book breifly described the tips and techniques of budget wandering and how to avoid luxury hotel bills and travel at minimum cost which will be less than your usual cost of everyday at home…

Trust me after reading this book I got a true idea on traveling…and I am going to read it again…thanks for reading my blog..have a nice day…


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