Jupiter’s Travels..( book review)

Hello everyone….Today I am back with another book review…It has been quite a while I have read a book…but finally I finished one…

So lets go straight to our topic……This book “Jupiter’s Travels” is a wonderful book…I thorougly enjoyed reading this book…

It is a story of a man who had the courage to step outside, to see the world through his own eyes, to feel the the world with his own views …..Over four years he rode his triumph motorbike across countries…..he faced his fate, fear and learned how to face problems head on….He met new people, new culters, He travelled through mountains, plain road , muddy roads through deserts and everykind of road a biker can come across….But he triumphed over all of them….This book shows us that how great human courage is…with firm belife in oneself one can do the unthinkable……This book is an absolute inspiration for the upcoming generation of travelers all around the world…

I enjoyed this book….And I think you guys will find it interesting too…..Thanks for reading…


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