The Midnight Library…(Book Review)

Hello friends.. Today I am back with another book review….I hope you will like it

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely books….
I am really impressed by this beautiful book…
The main character of the book is Nora Seed… She was depressed about her life… She was full of regrets thinking about her life… She thought her life would have been different if she had made different choices. She worked at a musical instrument shop named “Sting theory” but one day she lost that job too. She came back to her apartment and decided to end her life and took some medicine to die….
But then something strange happened… She found herself looking at a big old building which eventually turns out to be library. She enters the library and from there on the main story stars..
There she met her school librarian Mrs. Elm, whom she was loved. The library was a strange one, full of books but no name on the covers…
Nora eventually found out via Mrs. Elm that those books are all the lives Nora could have lived. She can try out any life she wanted. So Nora begun to try the lives she wanted to live. She tried them all but eventually she would find them disappointing and shift to another life.
So after trying many lives something strange happens in the midnight library. The library starts to shake and collapsing. At that time Nora realized that she wanted to live no matter what and she managed to escape the collapsing library.
The midnight library taught Nora the value of life. She realized that the perfect life doesn’t exist anywhere. Although sometimes it feels like our life is miserable but there are opportunities to look for and above all life is for living no matter what is the situation. Giving up is not an option, there is always hope.

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