The Metamorphosis (Book Reviw)

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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What a great book … and its sharp turns…..this book beautifully describes how dreams of a person gets shattered within a moment….how life changes completely when some unfortunate events take place…how you become a burden to your own family and loved ones for whom he worked hard every single day….this book describes how the dreams of a young man dies away , while we watches how his own family treats him for his bad luck…and at the end he dies alone in the dark with no one around caring for him….

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How I want to be rememberd…

I want to be remembered as a good human being……

who lived his dream throughout his live

who always lived in the present moment , neither in the past or in the future

who loved nature with all his heart

who loved his parents and siblings

who loved to read books and travel

who was always his mom’s boy

who loved to visit holy places of all religion

who considered himself as a human before anything else

who was a shy person and loved rain

who loved to watch moon and sky

who belived he was a small part of the whole universe…