The Essential Rumi (Book Review)

The Essential Rumi by Rumi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a delightful book…. there is nothing in the universe bigger than love… Rumi and his poetry are the beautiful bridge between lover and the beloved… Rumi’s spiritual poetry reveals to us the most beautiful thing in this universe “The Universal Love”… Rumi’s poems conveys the message of love and compassion… His poems describes the soul’s yearning t0 return to God… The inner search, the attempts of overcoming the so called rules created by society is ever present in his poems.. Rumi is the front light bearer of Sufism and universal love… Rumi through his spiritual poems spread the religion of love. God can only be realized by love and purity of heart, not by any particular religion. That pure love can’t be explained by words or sounds, it is beyond our human intelligence. Only through love God can be realized. God’s grace is forever present all around us, God lives in every soul. It is our duty to find him in our heart and start that journey inside ourselves to find the fountain of the “Universal Soul”.

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