The Metamorphosis (Book Reviw)

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great book … and its sharp turns…..this book beautifully describes how dreams of a person gets shattered within a moment….how life changes completely when some unfortunate events take place…how you become a burden to your own family and loved ones for whom he worked hard every single day….this book describes how the dreams of a young man dies away , while we watches how his own family treats him for his bad luck…and at the end he dies alone in the dark with no one around caring for him….

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A worker working with out any safety equipment…..
Bangladesh is a country where labour is very cheap… people often do high risk work with out any safety kit…. Working condition, labour
rights, safety management, health insurance are alien terms here….these poor workman often are paid very less, sometimes as low as 8$ for a whole days work….due to this lacking  of safety knowledge and equipments these poor workers are often exposed to hazardous materials …as a result they suffer from various health issues….you can see this worker isn’t wearing any gloves and goggles to protect himself from any unwanted situation…

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The Midnight Library…(Book Review)

Hello friends.. Today I am back with another book review….I hope you will like it

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely books….
I am really impressed by this beautiful book…
The main character of the book is Nora Seed… She was depressed about her life… She was full of regrets thinking about her life… She thought her life would have been different if she had made different choices. She worked at a musical instrument shop named “Sting theory” but one day she lost that job too. She came back to her apartment and decided to end her life and took some medicine to die….
But then something strange happened… She found herself looking at a big old building which eventually turns out to be library. She enters the library and from there on the main story stars..
There she met her school librarian Mrs. Elm, whom she was loved. The library was a strange one, full of books but no name on the covers…
Nora eventually found out via Mrs. Elm that those books are all the lives Nora could have lived. She can try out any life she wanted. So Nora begun to try the lives she wanted to live. She tried them all but eventually she would find them disappointing and shift to another life.
So after trying many lives something strange happens in the midnight library. The library starts to shake and collapsing. At that time Nora realized that she wanted to live no matter what and she managed to escape the collapsing library.
The midnight library taught Nora the value of life. She realized that the perfect life doesn’t exist anywhere. Although sometimes it feels like our life is miserable but there are opportunities to look for and above all life is for living no matter what is the situation. Giving up is not an option, there is always hope.

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Social Media Detoxification….

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Hello friends, how are you all….I hope you all are doing great…

Recently I am going under some kind of mental fitness training…. I want to share it with you guys….

In modern time we live a hectic life….WORK, JOBS, UNIVERSITY bla bla bla you name it…Above all it seems like our lives are surrounded and some cases feels like controlled by electronics devices like mobile phones, computers etc. And specially SOCIAL MEDIAS like Facebook, instagram, twitter etc ….

SOCIAL MEDIA is a big thing nowadays….everyone seems like over dependent on Social medias and somewhat obsessed… people from all walks of life are on social media and including MYSELF also… Let me clear that I’m not against social Medias at all…. But I am strongly against social media addiction. Recently I observed that social medias has become like drugs. As a drug addict becomes hooked up with the sensation of drugs he takes, people nowadays are hooked to social medias of all kinds.

Every celebrity, every big and small movie stars and every famous and infamous persons are on social media… Big celebrity or stars have a huge amount of fan followings and those stars share their everyday life with them… They share every information about their lives and works in those social media platforms…. People follow them like madness ….

Now come to ordinary people like me and you… I am from a middle class family as most of you guys are… We are also on social medias … Our lives are somewhat tangled with social medias. Most of us share personal lives or work related information in those platforms, also we get various kind of information which can be useful to us in some way from those social media platforms. We share status, photos and whatever we like and I am totally fine with that… But my concern is when we get addicted to it. Recently Scientists found that getting likes in social Medias release a chemical named Dopamine in our brain… Which creates a kind of good feeling or say satisfaction in our brain and as a result we feel happy and satisfied with our lives… We are always busy with our smartphones and busy with surfing through social media platforms. We always get happy when someone loves, likes our pictures or says something good about us in comments… And as a result our brain releases Dopamine and we feel happy. Opposite things happens when nobody reacts to our status, pictures etc… We count the number of likes or comment we got to our particular status or photos. We than see our friends, relatives’ status getting much more response than ours and eventually start to compare ourselves, which is a very unpleasant thing and gradually develop depression or whatever kinds of mental illness there is….

Most of the people nowadays at spends a significant amount of time in social medias. If you observe your surroundings you will find out every 8 out of 10 people are using their smartphones and using social medias specially young generation. It seems like they can’t go through the day without being on social media. You will notice most of the people in buses, trains, universities, works are busy with their smartphones. A study from Harvard University found that adults spend an average of 2 to 4 hours a day tapping, typing, and swiping on their devices—that adds up to over 2,600 daily touches. Most of us have become so intimately entwined with our digital lives that we sometimes feel our phones vibrating in our pockets when they aren’t even there.

Recently I noticed I was too getting myself tangled in Social media specially Facebook… I noticed I was subconsciously opening the facebook app and scrolling like every half an hour. And spending 15 to 20 minutes at a time. And I became to a shocking realization that I was subconsciously becoming addicted to social medias. So immediately I took necessary steps to stop this addiction. The first thing I did is doing meditation on a daily basis about 22 days ago and deleted my Facebook app from my smartphone. And set myself some rules like no social media, avoid every kind of digital screen like smartphone, computer screens two hour before I go to sleep. And I won’t lie, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. I felt a desire to look up in Facebook and find out about my friends and what’s going on with other people I know in Facebook. But I remained strong mentally and my daily meditation helped me a lot and a good thing is I developed a good habit of doing meditation on a daily basis. And after I stopped being on social media I started to read more books, finding more time available for myself for doing a lot of other things. Stopped being on social medias helped me to realize that how much time I was wasting on social media every day. Above all I found out that my anxiety level came to all time low and I am feeling fresh good about myself. Its been 3 weeks since I last been on Facebook and I am very happy with my decision . Quitting social media improved my mental health incredibly, I have become more focused and doing mediation on a daily basis helped me to become more aware about my life and surroundings and helped me to live in the present moment.

I hope you guys will find it helpful… Wish everyone a happy life and a very happy new year ….