Zen Meditation…

Hello friends.. How are you all?….I hope you are all well with your family and loved ones during this ongoing pendemic Covid-19…We can only hope for better days ahead…

Today I am going to tell you about Zen Meditation…I heard about it many years back but recently got to really know about it …

I will say this meditation will help your life tremendously….I strarted to do it every morning and already I am getting the benefits of it….I am already feeling a balance in my mind and life…This meditation is helping me to regain my lost calmness and happiness in my life…Nowdays our life is very fast moving..and people have very little time for themselves….it is very important to have some time for yourself..explore your own mind ….search for that inner peace…just slow down a bit…don’t waste your life and time with the madness of the world outside…peace of mind is the most important thing…So have some time for yourself and nature….

As every good thing should be shared , so I share Zen Meditation with you….as a candle can light a thousands candle, I share Zen meditation with you…And I hope Zen meditation will help you with your life as it did with mine….Here is link to a video of Zen Meditation https://youtu.be/aTIV9djESbY

Thanks for reading.. I hope you find it helpful….


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