The Essential Rumi (Book Review)

The Essential Rumi by Rumi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a delightful book…. there is nothing in the universe bigger than love… Rumi and his poetry are the beautiful bridge between lover and the beloved… Rumi’s spiritual poetry reveals to us the most beautiful thing in this universe “The Universal Love”… Rumi’s poems conveys the message of love and compassion… His poems describes the soul’s yearning t0 return to God… The inner search, the attempts of overcoming the so called rules created by society is ever present in his poems.. Rumi is the front light bearer of Sufism and universal love… Rumi through his spiritual poems spread the religion of love. God can only be realized by love and purity of heart, not by any particular religion. That pure love can’t be explained by words or sounds, it is beyond our human intelligence. Only through love God can be realized. God’s grace is forever present all around us, God lives in every soul. It is our duty to find him in our heart and start that journey inside ourselves to find the fountain of the “Universal Soul”.

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The Metamorphosis (Book Reviw)

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great book … and its sharp turns…..this book beautifully describes how dreams of a person gets shattered within a moment….how life changes completely when some unfortunate events take place…how you become a burden to your own family and loved ones for whom he worked hard every single day….this book describes how the dreams of a young man dies away , while we watches how his own family treats him for his bad luck…and at the end he dies alone in the dark with no one around caring for him….

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The Midnight Library…(Book Review)

Hello friends.. Today I am back with another book review….I hope you will like it

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely books….
I am really impressed by this beautiful book…
The main character of the book is Nora Seed… She was depressed about her life… She was full of regrets thinking about her life… She thought her life would have been different if she had made different choices. She worked at a musical instrument shop named “Sting theory” but one day she lost that job too. She came back to her apartment and decided to end her life and took some medicine to die….
But then something strange happened… She found herself looking at a big old building which eventually turns out to be library. She enters the library and from there on the main story stars..
There she met her school librarian Mrs. Elm, whom she was loved. The library was a strange one, full of books but no name on the covers…
Nora eventually found out via Mrs. Elm that those books are all the lives Nora could have lived. She can try out any life she wanted. So Nora begun to try the lives she wanted to live. She tried them all but eventually she would find them disappointing and shift to another life.
So after trying many lives something strange happens in the midnight library. The library starts to shake and collapsing. At that time Nora realized that she wanted to live no matter what and she managed to escape the collapsing library.
The midnight library taught Nora the value of life. She realized that the perfect life doesn’t exist anywhere. Although sometimes it feels like our life is miserable but there are opportunities to look for and above all life is for living no matter what is the situation. Giving up is not an option, there is always hope.

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Ikigai (Book Review)

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, The Little Book of Lykke, Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living by Hector Garcia Puigcerver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great book….Recommended…It helped me to realize some very important things…I will urge all my friends to read this book..
10 Rules of Ikigai:
1) Stay active
2) Take it slow
3) Don’t fill your stomach
4) Surround yourself with good friends
5) Get in shape for your next birthday
6) Smile
7) Reconnect with nature
8) Give thanks ( to nature, to ancestors, to friends)
9) Live in the moment
10) Follow your Ikigai (if your don’t know your Ikigai, find it. Your mission is to discover it)

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10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange world..(Book review)

Hello everyone..I hope you guys are doing well….I am back with another book review….

“10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange world” is a book by a British-Turkish women writer “Elif Shafak”…lets talk about the writer first…She is a mesmerising writer….And she is one of my favourite writer…She also wrote the book “The Forty Rules of Love” about which I already wrote a review….For me she is one of those writer who wants to dissolve barriers, whether of race, religion, nationality, culture, gender…..

After all we are human beings…our heart should be filled with love not hatred… should be our religion and we should respect everyone and every religion….

Now lets go straight to our topic….This book is about a sex worker Tequila Leila and her five friends from Istanbul….She was killed and dumped into a dustbin outside a hotel….she was dead but her brain was working….and it worked for 10 minutes 38 seconds after her death…during this minutes and 38 seconds her brain thought of her whole life from when she was born to when she was murdered and later on buried in the grave yard of the companion less ( which is still exist in Istanbul , where those unfortunate ones who has no family and friends or rejected by their family are buried) ….during this 10 minutes 38 seconds she remembered everything from her life…she remembered her mother, her aunt, her father, the birth of her brother , her family life, her school days, her first love…

She remembered how she was sexually molested by her uncle when she was just 6 years old…She remembered the day when she left her home for Istanbul …And from there on how her life changed …

Friends this is one of those book which will urge you to look at the life of people from a different angel and with more compassion towards the people like sex workers, transgenders…..I personally felt tears in my eyes while reading this book…the story touched my heart…..The writer described beautifully…..

Friends I loved this book …and I will rate this book as one of my top favourite…And I think you guys will love this book…Thanks for reading…

Jupiter’s Travels..( book review)

Hello everyone….Today I am back with another book review…It has been quite a while I have read a book…but finally I finished one…

So lets go straight to our topic……This book “Jupiter’s Travels” is a wonderful book…I thorougly enjoyed reading this book…

It is a story of a man who had the courage to step outside, to see the world through his own eyes, to feel the the world with his own views …..Over four years he rode his triumph motorbike across countries…..he faced his fate, fear and learned how to face problems head on….He met new people, new culters, He travelled through mountains, plain road , muddy roads through deserts and everykind of road a biker can come across….But he triumphed over all of them….This book shows us that how great human courage is…with firm belife in oneself one can do the unthinkable……This book is an absolute inspiration for the upcoming generation of travelers all around the world…

I enjoyed this book….And I think you guys will find it interesting too…..Thanks for reading…

Vagabonding (book review)

Today I finished reading the book ‘Vagabonding’ by ‘Rolf Potts.’ This book is one of the best book I have read so far….

This is one of those book which will ignite your dream of traveling….This book is a must read for the people who have a dream of traveling and love traveling….

This book will give you clear view on how to live your long sleeping dream of traveling…This book will help you to realize the joy of hitting the road, encourage you to think about your life….

This book will give a clear idea and tips on traveling…The writer of this book wants us to wander, to explore, to embrace the unknown….this will give you a insight of solo traveling and how to manage your costs, safety, how to develop the mindset and above all this book will tell you how to conquer your fear and how to live your travel …

This book will help you to realize that money isn’t everything for travel but your courage is…writer of this book breifly described the tips and techniques of budget wandering and how to avoid luxury hotel bills and travel at minimum cost which will be less than your usual cost of everyday at home…

Trust me after reading this book I got a true idea on traveling…and I am going to read it again…thanks for reading my blog..have a nice day…

Ekusheh Book Fair, Bangladesh

Today I went to the Ekushey Book Fair which is held every year as a pride and to show respect to the 21st February International Mother Language day…

We are the Bengali people who fought for the right to speak in our mother language Bengali..In 21st February, 1952 Students of Dhaka University sacrificed their life to earn the right to speak in Bengali…police opened fire on the protest march held by the students… are some pics of the fair..

With my good friend Shoron..

The Pilgrimage….

Hello friends..I am back after a long time….I was very busy with my Exam,so I had to concentrate a lot on my academic a result I wasn’t able to read books outside my studies….

my exam finished on 5th january this finally I got a chance to read books again…

The book I finished reading today is ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Pulo Coelho..He is one of my favourite writer…..and I have to say he is an incredible writer…..

The book is about writers spiritual journey or I should say a pilgrimage to an ancient and nearly forgotton road by modern people,the route of pilgrimage to “Santiago de Compostela” on foot….The book contains writers own experience on the strange road to santiago…

Map of the road to Santiago…

The writer and his guide Petrus makes this pilgrimage on the ancient road to Santiago in hope to find his sword … is the road on which for centuries pilgrims all over the world made the sacred journey to pay homage to the Saints and Virgin Mary…..

This book tells us the story of the spiritual experience which the writer experiences throughout this he faces challenges ,defeats devils ,Universal love ,his triumph over his fear and how he faced his fears….

In this book reader will get to know about spiritual RAM practices..which is taught by writers guide Petrus…The writer learns those practices from his guide and practices these on his way to Santiago de Copostela and how he used those technics on various occasion….

I loved and enjoyed this book sooooo much…this book made me think of my inner soul , the sleeping goodness that is hidden in every human beings….The beauty of God and his entire creation…

And last but no means at least, I will encourage everyone to read this wonderful book……